Tom Haines (b. 1977) studied music in Cornwall and London in the 1990s and has since been busy making music for film, animation, theatre and television with Brains + Hunch. He also writes for and plays the drums in the London Snorkelling Team and is an associate of Filter Theatre

Just had fun/fun composing/recording the score for 'Shock Therapy' directed by Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour of bat collective - the score features woodwinds, percussion and strings, all recorded and mixed at brains & hunch studios.  

Here is a new animated film by Art&Graft which I scored and sound designed. The soundtrack features harpsichord, electric bass, synth and percussion and nods to the seedy and melodic style of soundtracks from the golden era of gangster movies. 

Here is a recent score and sound design for Art and Graft. The sound is made from field recordings I made whilst on my honeymoon in the Pyreneese. 

Tom is married to actress Gemma Saunders, with whom he has two children